Saturday, January 8, 2011

Teen Mother Program Becomes Coed

What was it that Einstein said about insanity?
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

Read & weep.

Teen mother program becomes coed

Sunday, January 2, 2011

But I Know Better...It's All God!

This song has been on my mind ALL YEAR! HaHaHa! It's all good....

It's All God ~ The Soul Seekers with Marvin Winans

Psalm 27:13 (NIV) ~ "I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living."

National Wear Red Day - Friday, February 4, 2011

The Heart Truth

On Friday, February 4, 2011, Americans (Men, Women, Girls & Boys) nationwide will wear red to show their support for women's heart disease awareness!!

Dallas Here We Come!

New England Patriots Keeping Fit; Keeping Their Eyes on the Prize:

Super Bowl XLV!

Patriots use finale as a tuneup - Miami Dolphins -

It’s Time Again To Count Our Many Blessings

Mrs. Milligan was my high school teacher at Byng. She taught me typing, shorthand (if my memory serves me right), English Lit (Beowulf...YIKES), and poise (not a class period for this, just watch & learn).  She had high hopes for me and the Class of 1970!

Check out her 11/24/10 contribution to the Ada Evening News!

It’s time again to count our many blessings

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vitamin D Deficiency Investigation: Suggested Heart Failure Link, Per Expert Review

Vitamin D Deficiency Investigation: Suggested Heart Failure Link, Per Expert Review

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year!  Lounging today watching the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN); which is kind of different for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Oprah—but I’ve never been what you would call an “Oprah Fan.” Don’t know why, but in 25 years I don’t think I’ve seen 25 episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show.  OWN—now that’s groundbreaking stuff and my affection for all things that promote the upward mobility of women & girls compels me to discover what Oprah’s new NETWORK will put forward!  From what I see, it is going to be Pretty Darn Good!  I can see myself falling to sleep with OWN—Cox Channel 106 in the OKC—and blogging about what I see, hear, and FEEL!
Yes, I am starting out the New Year blogging.  Not a resolution, just a good jumping off (or is it ON???) point for something that I enjoy that I have been away from for far too long.  Despite the fact that today I feel like a KIDNEY STONE may be in my near future, I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Not only do I look forward to updating my blog on a regular basis, but also keeping up with my favorite blogs & bloggers. Likewise, I look forward to reading your thoughts concerning my posts and sharing my thoughts with regard to yours! I’m also thinking about redesigning my blog, but we will see.  Nothing too ambitious for now.
Happy 2011 & I look forward to “spending a bit of time with you” in the coming year! Peace!