Monday, August 10, 2009

In Case You Haven’t Heard—I’ve Gone Mad!

Today I watched four episodes of AMC’s Mad Men and I am without a doubt H-O-O-K-E-D! Can’t wait for the Season 3 premiere on Sunday! For the past two seasons I have purposely boycotted the 1960s period piece because of its object sexism and racial stereotypes. There is nothing nostalgic about discrimination to me. This a.m. I’m lying flat on my back, can’t move, and can’t even maneuver any of the remote buttons with the exception of the power switch. So, I’m stuck on Mad Men and to my amazement was entertained immensely! Even after my joints came to life, I could not tear myself away from the Mad Men Marathon!

There are some pretty strong female leads and I suspect that more of the male characters will get their due or at least get slapped down a peg or two by one of the female characters in Season 3. I read this afternoon that Mad Men creator, Matt Weiner, regards his show as feminist. Last month he told the Huffington Post, that the show has a "painfully accurate portrayal of the treatment of women [in the 1960s]." It's too early in my viewing for me to say feminist yay or nay, so I'm reserving judgment for now. However, I do feel that the show adds value in that it is a realistic portrayal of how women "were" treated and therefore depicts where things could return if we are not vigilant.

I do have to admit that the hair on the back of my neck bristled a couple of times when the ad men got on the elevator and flat out ignored the elevator operator (common decency and all)! But then I remember that growing up some of the most intelligent and informed men and women in our circles were those “invisibles” that cooked, cleaned, tended the children, shined the shoes, operated the elevators, and most often had unfettered access to the penthouses and other bastions of power! Kind of like the mouse in the corner that we all wish we could be from time to time! I am confident that Mr. Weiner will deal with this issue as well as the series progresses.

My favorite scene today? No, not all the cigarette puffing and free-flowing alcohol. It is just too funny. I get tickled every time I think about it. Okay, the lead family (the Drapers) have just gotten a new Cadillac and they are out in the country having a family picnic. When it is time to go, Mrs. Draper stands up, picks up her picnic blanket, snaps it, folds it, turns and walks towards the Caddie, and leaves what looks like 33 gallons (trash bag size) of litter on the ground! My how things have changed. But then, there is no way that My Mama would have allowed us to leave all that debris, even in 1960—common decency and all!

Well, I’ve got six more hours of Season 2 recorded and suspect I’ll be purchasing Season 1 to catch up before Sunday night. Yes, I’ve gone Mad and I don’t care who knows it!

New "Mad Men" TV Show Uses the Past to Reveal Racism and Sexism of Today


  1. Welcome to blogging, new friend. I know I will enjoy your posts.

  2. Oh, thank you for this - I'd forgotten about the show but had been meaning to get to know it. I'll order Season 1 from Netflix! Hope you are feeling better. XOXO