Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes, I've Read Section 1233 - Part I

Section 1233: Advanced Care Planning Consultation

These healthcare reform wars are driving my batty! In the beginning I was watching the news in amazement—couldn’t believe what was happening--the distortions, the rants... Now I’m just plain mad; afraid to watch the news with the remote close by because I’m afraid of where it will end up. What really has my blood boiling is all of the hype and down right lies about Section 1233—death panels, assisted suicide, blah, blah, lies, and more lies! I know some folks that are going straight to hell when they die. I guess what makes it so bad is that these fear mongers have twisted a provision of the proposed legislation that makes perfect sense to me—ethically, legally, and humanely.

I cannot count the number of times over the past two years that I have been asked if I have a living will and if not would I like additional information. But this is not why I favor the provisions of Section 1233—which I have read! It is because of my three abuelas that I feel so strongly—Grandma Tish, Grandma Gray, and Granny Fannie. All brilliant, business-savvy, forward thinking women; my sheroes who all spent their last days without an advanced directive.

MA√ĎANA: Grandma Tish (04/01/1890 ~ 04/15/1991)

FACT CHECK: No 'death panel' in health care bill

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